The Toaster Oven And How To Use It Properly

In modern life, it’s quite a task of challenge to make yourself a big dinner after a whole day long struggling with works. That is the reason why people invent kitchen appliances. The mission of them is to help us proceed cooking without having to put too much time and efforts but still can achieve the best result.

Among all of those appliances, the toaster oven is one of the most complicated one to master using. However, once you’ve known exactly what to do with it, you will never regret having it in your kitchen. Now, let’s get started with some basic instructions about how to use the toaster oven and how to buy the best toaster ovens for your family. Click and find the best products at for your next online purchase.

Best Toaster Oven

How to Know Exactly the Way to Toast Food?

Many people ask me question about timing and setting the heat of the toaster oven. Most of them have followed some recipes online but there results are not as good as expected. So what makes the differences between the recipes and the real attempts?

Well, there are some explanations for that. First of all, it’s because of the amount of experience. Many housewives don’t know how to operate the oven the right way, so as the result, they can know how to adjust the time and the heat properly too. Another reason is that the type of oven is different so that the recipes can’t be exactly the same. This can only be fixed by doing some test with the machine and find out a better way to solve the differences.

Don’t worry if you do wrong at the beginning. Everyone needs some time to get use to new equipment. So all you need is trial and error. In addition, read your manual book so as to know the basic controls and buttons of your toaster oven. Practice makes perfect, that’s why you should push yourself hard in controlling and adjusting the oven’s settings in order to make a healthy and delicious breakfast just by using this kitchen appliance.

Some Good Ways to Make Use of Your Toaster Oven

Of course you can just use your toasting oven for toasting – just like its name. It’s the main function of this machine. But you know you can definitely do more than that, at least in making food with heat. Below are some interesting features that you can find out when using the toaster oven.

  • You can turn your toaster oven into a baking oven: Yet many people might have heard about that. Your oven can be used as a baking oven as well. Actually, this way helps you very much in reducing the amount of energy to bake so that at least you can lower your bills and save money for a rainy day. When processing, the oven doesn’t have to be heat up entirely so that it can save some time and energy for you when using for baking. The heat from the toaster oven is also less than the baking oven so you don’t have to worry about the kitchen temperature anymore. Everything is under control. For example, when my children want some cookies, I often use my toaster oven. The preparation is done similar to how you make cookies with the baking oven. Then I prepare a pan and put the dough in. After putting the pan inside the toaster oven, I switch it to baking mode with at least 350 degrees in about 30 minutes. But you should estimate some values again in terms of the functions of your oven. Last but not least, when you make your cakes with the toaster oven, you can take control of the time and the heat because you can look inside through the glass window in front.
  • Other stuff: There are so many things you can do easily with the help of the toaster oven: meting cheese, making baked vegetables like potatoes, reheating the leaf – over, cook other types of foods with thick bread base like pizza. But before trying these things, you should know well about how to use your oven with the way it’s meant to be used – making toasting food.

In an article like this, I would love to tell you more about, this amazing kitchen appliance but unfortunately I can’t. In the following post, I will definitely show you some tips and tricks so that you can predict the heat and the time better, or even some secret recipes to get some hands – on experiences with this kitchen appliance. Hope you can choose the best one and have fun cooking!

Advantages of Using Pressure Cooker

Advantages of Using Pressure Cooker

Advantages of Using Pressure CookerThe pressure cooker is a crucial part of any modern kitchen. Just imagine cooking several kilos of tough beef or pork without one! There are lots of different dishes you can cook with the help of a reliable pressure cooker such as stews, soups, casseroles and sauces. Thanks to the pressure kept within the pot, meat, vegetables and even bone can become incredibly tender. But when it comes to getting the best pressure cooker, there are lots of considerations you have to think of. This is not a simple journey because not every pressure cooker is built the same. To choose the best and not waste your money on something that was less than your expectations. I have researched and collected the opinions of many customers.

Advantages of Using Pressure Cooker

If you are one of the few people who are quite tight on the budget then you are seriously considering all the odds whether or not you really need this device. You might be even skeptical whether the investment is worth it. To clarify all your concerns, the following are the advantages of using a pressure cooker.

  • Comfort in all aspects: Everybody knows that the main problem about the conventional cooking method is that it is dirty, takes a lot of time to both prepare and clean and will require the cooperation of clear skies. With the pressure cooker, you no longer have to worry about these problems since you can cook indoors and the fuel required is easy-to-purchase rather than filthy charcoal.
  • Less fuel wasted: Remember those times that you only have to cooking for a short period of time and end up leaving a lot of your red charcoals to burn out uselessly. You can never have the ability to stop your charcoals from burning and save them for later use. With pressure cooker, you can be stopped and continued at any time you want. No fuel wasted and you have the liberty to cooking no matter how small the quantity of the products needing cook. Less fuel wasted translates to more money saved and could even mean a lot in the long run.
  • Quality products: In the conventional stovetop system, put your eyes away from the oven for a few seconds and you might end up with burnt products. A lot of people waste quality meat. These problems will be solved with a stainless steel pressure cooker. With a stainless steel pressure cooker, you not only have the freedom to control the temperature that you can control your cooking time.


You will be wrong to think that looking for the best pressure cooker is easy. Each one is quite different from the other and you might be stumped at most times between two devices, though the secret choosing solely lies on yourself. Know the things you want and need, also know your limitations like price and working environment.

Once you have decided, the next step will involve looking for a specific product. Remember that nothing will be as perfect as you imagined it and the only thing we can do is to find the nearest to your imagination. If you are stumped with two similar devices, online reviews are always at your aid. In the end, what matters is your personal choice.

Necessary Things to Remember Before Creating Your Vinyl Records Library

Today, the record player becomes very popular in our society. According to some people said that a turntable will help the human listen to the sweet sounds and create the comfortable feeling for listeners. Many record player reviews are very positive after they use this device. That is the reason why they can spend a lot of money to buy an expensive turntable although they only use to listen to music at home. In addition, they are also willing to buy many types of the vinyl records to increase your own records library. This is their hobby. However, there are some necessary things to remember before you want to create your vinyl record library. You can refer some good ideas in this writing.

Some good ideas to create your vinyl record library

  1. It Is A Good Idea to Buy Vinyl Record

Actually, there are many reasons you should invest to buy the vinyl record when comparing to CDs and MP3s.

  • Firstly, the material of the vinyl record player can be cleaned and maintained very well. Besides, you can use it for decades. You can have a limited edition for the famous albums which they were very popular and now these albums do not produce and sell on the market. But CDs and MP3 songs do not have the value as the vinyl record.
  • On the other hands, CDs do not create a lot of impressions as well as inspiration as the vinyl records.
  1. You Can Sell Them

In fact, many people are looking for a vinyl record which it was produced and become very famous in a historical period. If you have this vinyl record you can sell it. However, you should remember that you must copy this song into another vinyl. Moreover, you also must know how to store it in the right way. This will help your vinyl record can play well.

Beyond that, you also should invest some new sleeves for old vinyl records to avoid any damage to your vinyl record. Do not forget that the title of its sleeve, the design, and the construction also contribute to increasing the worth of each vinyl record. If you want to sell them in the future you should note this target, right.

  1. Choosing The Right Record Player for Listening Vinyl Record

Choosing the right record player for listening vinyl records

On the market, you can choose the record player with the belt driven or the direct drive. Depending on your reference, you can select the most appropriate one. With the audiophiles and sophisticated listeners, they like the belt drive turntables because they are less vibration and the outside noise. However, when you choose the belt drive turntable, you must accept that its mechanism is older than the direct drive version. Therefore, owning a record player also relates to collect your vinyl record library.

  1. Some Important Things When Buying Old Vinyl Record

I make sure that you want to look for a lot of types of vinyl record players for your collection. Some old vinyl records become very valuable with you because it has a limited quality. Before you want to have them you should note some things as follows:

  • You must consider that this old album can be produced in the same format;
  • Then, the quality which they are released in a limited quality or not;
  • After that, how much price for each album because of with the albums like this, they have a very high price.
  1. How to Clean And Store The Vinyl Records

You have a library of many vinyl records. It means you have a big budget so you must know how to clean and store all vinyl records properly. It is extremely important. Here are some basic tips for you:

How to Clean:

  • Preparing a soft brush and you only use it for cleaning your vinyl records;
  • Also, you must choose the good cleaning solution;
  • Moreover, you must have the habit combine this liquid with the soft brush frequently. You must clean the surface of the vinyl records gently after and before playing. When cleaning, all vinyl records will be removed dirt and dust. This will help you listen to the sweet sound from your record player.

How to Store All Vinyl Collection:

  • A dry and cool place is a right choice;
  • All vinyl records must be placed vertically;

In conclusion, creating a vinyl record library at your home is not simple. If you are not careful you can damage all vinyl records. Of course, at that time, your investment is failed. Based on some reviews of many people, I collect and give 5 most important criteria when you want to create the vinyl record library. I think that you will have the right basis if you have an idea to make a library for your vinyl records. In addition, I also hope that this article is really useful for your thinking about creating a vinyl record collection.

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How to Be an Expert in Using the Slow Cooker

People say that “Rome wasn’t built on one day”, that means everything takes time to be perfect. So does cooking. No one can be a cook for just few hours of practice. It’s the whole process with years of hands – on experience. At present, with the help of many kitchen tools, the difficulties of cooking are remarkably reduced. But you still need to make use of them regularly so as to make sure that you can be familiar with how it works and know how to control the tools. In this article, I will introduce to you a friend in the kitchen – the slow cooker. Nothing can compare to the best slow cooker in cooking and saving time at the same time. Although it’s very easy to cook with this product, you still have so much to learn to make use of it effectively.

slow cooker

  1. What is a slow cooker? What can it do?

Basically, the slow cooker is just like its brother – rice cooker in working principle. They cook the food based on the high temperature and pressure created by using the electricity emitted to the electric base plate. The food is cooked in high pressure both inside and outside.

The slow cooker can be described in some terms such as: easy and cheap, hand – free and healthy. You can easily be confused by hundreds types of slow cooker on the market, but a traditional one is fine. You don’t need too many addition functions that you might never have a chance to use. You just need something that have extra timing button, that’s all.

The preparation and cooking process of the slow cooker is very easy. You can search for them online of look for the heat and time instructions for each type of recipe in the manual book that comes along with the cooker. Another thing I want to mention is that you have to pay attention to the pot arrangement so that the food can be cooked evenly.

  1. Use the slow cooker:

This is one of the most simple kitchen appliances you can buy. It shortens the cooking time but still guarantee a colorful and happy meal for your family. But to achieve that, you have to learn from the basics so that you can learn from the smallest things and avoid many unfortunate accidents.

slow cooking

Preparing the ingredients and load them into the cooking pot. Notice the arrangements. Then press the buttons and wait to serve. After finish cooking, don’t forget to clean it up and dry it for the next uses.

  1. Some helpful tips and tricks in using the slow cooker:
  • You have to be sure about the temperature of the slow cooker. It depends on your situations and your time. If you don’t have too much time, just higher the heat for shorter cooking time. Helpful information that high mode of the cooker can reduce up to a half of the cooking time in comparison with the low settings, but it would take more energy that you thought.
  • The surface where the slow cooker is placed on must be hard and sturdy so that when cooking the components inside can withstand the pressure and the cooker can work properly. In addition, you can put the towel under the base of the cooker so that any types of liquid from the pot can be cleaned easily.
  • Dried herb is very valuable if you know how to use. It can change the color and add some special flavor to your cuisine. It’s an advantage in keeping flavors that can be compared with other types of kitchen appliances.
  • Don’t try to open the lid to check what’s going on inside. Honestly if you’ve already try to do that, it’s not safe firstly because of the heat surrounding the cooker when it’s heating up. Another reason that I want to mention is about the environment inside the cooker. The more you lift the lid up, the harder the cuisine can make it on time.
  • Remember to take the leftovers or the frozen products, heat up again and enjoy a quick meal with all your friends.


Factors to look for when choosing the Best Egg Incubator for Chicken

There are many factors you need to look for when choosing the best egg incubator for sale for your various uses. In addition, all these factors have interwoven consequences that affect the overall output of the incubator and your overall user experience.

One of the factors that you will consider when choosing an egg incubator is the type of incubator available. This is because incubators come in different types and every type will have the following effects on the overall decision you will make plus the results you will get:

  • It will affect the amount of money you will pay for it. Smaller incubators cost lesser than heavy commercial ones
  • It will determine the kind of features and benefits that you will enjoy
  • It will determine the kind of user experience that you will have
  • It will determine the purpose of the incubator
  • It will affect the level and extent of output that you will get
  • It will determine the amount of space that you will need for your project
  • It will determine the level of expansion you can make on the incubator

The four main types of incubators in the market

  1. Mini incubators


These are some of the most common incubators in many homes and they are ideal for small domestic uses and projects. Their main features are listed below as follows:

  • Egg capacity: Most of these mini incubators have a capacity of between 1 and 12 eggs.
  • Kind of eggs: they are suitable for smaller eggs that range from duck, chicken and quail eggs
  • Price range: their pricing ranges from $20 all the way to $400
  • Suitable users: it is suitable for domestic uses, learning projects ad small science research projects
  1. Tabletop incubators

This type of incubators is bigger than mini incubators in performance and size. The main features of this type of incubators are listed below as follows:


  • Egg capacity: the incubator has an egg capacity of between 1 and 130 eggs but this varies based on other factors such as the type of eggs that need to be incubated and also the type of model
  • Expansion ability: this type of incubator can be expanded by purchasing other accessories
  • Price range: the price range of this type of incubator is between $50 and $1,000. The price can reach $1,000 and above if you want to enjoy automatic egg turning benefits
  • Egg types: it is able to accommodate different types and sizes of eggs
  • Suitable users: this type of incubator is suitable for the both domestic breeding and light commercial farming
  1. Cabinet incubators

This type of incubator is the second largest and it is larger than the mini and tabletop types of incubators. Its main features are captured below.

  • Egg capacity: it has the capacity to hold between 50 and 500 chicken and duck eggs, 13 and 60 turkey or goose eggs, 130-1,500 quail eggs
  • Egg type: it can accommodate different types and sizes of eggs
  • Expansion ability: it has a higher level of expansion compared to its mini and tabletop counterparts.
  • Pricing range: this type of incubators costs between $ 600 and $ 5,000.
  • Suitable users: it is an ideal option for small scale breeders.
  1. Commercial incubators

This type of incubators is the largest and definitely costs more that all its counterparts. Its main features are listed below.

  • Egg capacity: it has an egg capacity of more than 1,000 chicken eggs, more than 100 turkey/goose eggs, more than 1,500 quail eggs
  • Egg types: it is able to accommodate all types and sizes of eggs
  • Price range: this type will cost between $ 5,000 and $ 10,000
  • Expansion ability: it can be expanded to a moderate level and all that depends on the model at hand
  • Suitable users: it is purely for large scale commercial breeders

Trending Kitchen Tools Set 3 Ceramic Pans

ceramic cookware
Rediscover the pleasure of cooking with the set of 3 ceramic pans! With the ceramic lining, your food does not cling and you will not need to add any fat! The Set of 3 ceramic pans is composed of 3 pans of 14, 16 and 18 cm in diameter. For the kitchen daily as to receive, they will adapt to all your needs with the different dimensions. The Set of 3 pans ceramic is suitable for all hobs: gas, electric, halogen, ceramic and induction the ceramic coating is renowned for its various benefits, Set of 3 ceramic pans is living proof! Indeed, it will allow you to cook healthy, fat-free, and thus regain the natural taste of food. The release properties of the ceramic can quickly grasp without attaching. In addition, this coating ensures optimum heat distribution to achieve even cooking, including simmer or bake the most delicate foods.
Ultimate asset: easy cleaning under a stream of water without scrubbing or washing dishes. The Set of 3 ceramic pans will serve you! Quality guaranteed!

Set of 3 ceramic pans

Set of 3 ceramic pans

  • 3 Pans: 14, 16 and 18 cm diameter
  • Ceramic lining
  • Black outside and white inside
  • All hob types: gas, electric, halogen, ceramic and induction
  • Healthy and dietetic cooking without fat
  • Find the natural taste of food
  • easy washing: wash without rubbing and dishwasher safe
  • optimal heat distribution for even cooking
  • Enters quickly without attaching
  • guaranteed quality

It is also recommended use the set 3 along with the best ceramic coated cookware and you do not have to worry about purchasing any other products when preparing any particular dishes.

Set 3 knives and 1 stainless efficient ceramic coating Pradel®

Set 3 knives
The set is:

  • optimal cutting comfort
  • Sharp long outstanding
  • Ceramic coating: natural nonstick

Equip yourself with quality cookware for your kitchen! The set of 3 knives and 1 stainless efficient ceramic coating Pradel® will convince you to prepare excellent meals, quickly and efficiently!
This package contains:

  • 1 Chef’s knife
  • 1 slicing knife
  • 1 steak knife and peeler

In addition, take advantage of our Buy 1, get 1 free to complete your collection of quality knives! The combination of ceramic and stainless steel knife offers the strength and unrivaled cutting! The cutting edge is outstanding and long lasting! Also, different colors (1 blue, 1 pink, 2 green), bring a touch of pizzazz to your kitchen!
Another plus: ceramics, anti-allergenic material that does not rust that preserves the quality of food! Go for the set of 3 knives and 1 stainless steel ceramic coating efficient Pradel®, Buy 1 Get 1 Free for efficient cutting, fast and accurate your food!
1 lot includes: 1 blue chef’s knife, slicing knife 1 pink, 1 green and 1 steak knife green thrifty
Stainless steel ceramic blade
Ergonomic soft touch

  • Head: 32.5 x 4.3 x 1.8 cm (20 cm blade)
  • Slicer: 32.5 x 2.7 x 1.8 cm (20 cm blade)
  • Steak: 19 x 2 x 1.3 cm (9 cm blade)
  • Treasurer: 15.5 x 6.7 x 1.8 cm (3.7 cm blade)
  • Brand: Pradel Premium

The Principles of Healthy Cooking

Today, this article will share that he key brings to a healthy meal with you. Occasionally, we often consider the taste which is an important factor in order to help have a delicious meal. Even, to prepare to cook, people often concern to the recipe and cooking tools which are the best rice cookers. Nevertheless, there are not the main factors. The choice of foods and how to cook are also the significant factors; especially, there is the process of cooking. It can change almost elements of foods (except for fat). Consequently, the important issue is how to ensure scientific and healthy cooking if you want to keep the nutrient substances in foods.

The Principles of Healthy Cooking

If you do not prepare all things, your dish will not also ensure the nutrient components whatever you have selected a healthy recipe. To be able to remain the essential nutrient substances in foods, you need to have to learn how to process properly.

It means that you must understand cooking states. Cooked food usually uses heat. However, it is applied in many different ways and has corresponded to foods. Thence, we supplement several different forms of cooking so that you can consult.

  1. Roasting


This process allows you to use your favorite sauce in order to rub on your food with the small fire below. Roasting is also known as grilling uses the radiant heat so as to cook the food. Even though the food is either compact or large, people enjoy roasting. Perhaps, its taste is good.

The heat will remove over the surface of the food in order to ensure the food which is cooked entirely. On the other hand, the sauce in the food is difficult to escape during the process of the radiant heat. Consequently, people usually roast the food and ensure the heating enough.

  1. Baking


It can say that baking is a process of using the dry heat in order to cook the food in the enclosed environment. The foods contain an amount of moisture which are often utilized this process so that they are not dried or burned in the enclosed space. The cause is due to the hot air in an oven that can lose moisture in the food. Therefore, if the oven has not contained proper moisture, your food will be able to be dried or burned in this process.

  1. Boiling


There is a common process in cooking. This process requires an amount of water which have suited for the food. When boiling, you will see bubbles on the water surface. Based on this one, you can determine time so as to give the food into.

Boiling is also the long process, so you should not be too hurry. Like that, your food is not still got cooked. This one can lead to the waste of the food; even, your dish will not taste good. Instead of boiling water, you can boil other foods such as noodle, rice, and macaroni and so on. It is recommended because this one is good for health.

It is noticed that when boiling milk, it will boil quicker than the water because milk is denser and less creates steam.

  1. Stewing


There is considered as one of the healthy recipes. This process helps cook the food in the liquid at a lower temperature than the boiling. Many people are confused with the process of simmering.

If you want to ensure the process of stewing that can take place properly, you should utilize a double boiler. This one will ensure the liquid which is always at controlling level.

  1. Steaming


Because of using the heat of the steam in order to cook the food, this process is also a healthy cooking. In this process, you are able to use plenty of different ways. The most popular method, you place the food in a vessel (having holes). Then, you continue to put this vessel in a boiling water pot. Foods have the content of high water which will suit for this method.

  1. Frying


It can say that this process is necessary a healthy cooking because it contains plenty of fat and oil. When fat is cooked, it will be difficult to digest. Consequently, if you are looking for a healthy meal, frying should not be the choice in your menu. During frying, you always heat the food at a high temperature. Putting the food into the hot oil until it is cooked. Although it has an amount of fat that escapes, it has still an amount of fat which is absorbed into your food.

In brief, all cooking processes need to have to be processed properly. In that way, in spite of frying, stewing or steaming, all can be a delicious and healthy dish. This one does not depend on the best rice cookers that you own. It is only based on how you cook.

The Different Styles of Headphones – The Buying Guide

Do you want to buy the best workout headphones in order to listen to music while doing exercise or just enjoy your life on your ways? Nowadays, on the market, there are plenty of manufacturers of headphones and available models so that you can select. Nevertheless, how do you choose the suitable headphones for your needs?

It can say that headphones are more and more popular when music appears everywhere – the computer, mobile phone, or MP3. The newest headphones have high resolution and directed sound to your ears. Of course, it does not cause harmful.

Would you like to own stereo headphones or fitting ear-buds? Do you need personality headphones? If you have tended to utilize earphones or headphones, your need will be the main factor in order that you have a right decision.

The Different Styles of Headphones – The Buying Guide

As the above mention, to select a pair of headphones, it is based on your style. Here is a variety of headphones style that you are able to consult:

  1. Ear-buds


A large number of people use ear-buds like the headphones so as to listen to music on a smart phone, MP3 player, iTouch, iPod or iPhone. This type of headphones has the tiny design which fits the ear canal. Therefore, even though it not only suits for travelling but also isolates from external noise, its price is pretty low. Nonetheless, this product does not provide the high-quality sound; even, if you utilize for a long time, you can feel uncomfortable. People enjoy both running and listening to music which is not necessarily the perfect choice because it is able to fall out.

  1. Clip on headphones or sport headphones

Nowadays, these headphones have a great number of types such as clip onto your ears, over the top of your head or around the back of your neck. Generally, that people enjoy running, exercising in the gym often select this type. You can comfortably act that needn’t worry it falling out. Since you do not need to put it in the ear canal, you will not feel not your ears. Even, you are able to be portable and purchase it with low price.

  1. Ear pad headphones

Different from, this type of headphones have the pads which cover your ears. Frequently, people enjoy utilizing ear pad headphones because of its comfort. In addition, it provides the sound with high-quality. Moreover, not only you do not feel overheat ears but also it has the affordable price. Nevertheless, the user can feel uncomfortable when utilizing for a long time.

  1. Entirely sealed headphones

Stereo headphones, ear cup headphones or cans are other names of this type of headphones. As a whole, these headphones cover your ears. Consequently, they help eliminate external noise. Besides, they also provide the high-quality sound. You ought to know that sealed headphones with the high-quality sound will provide a full of sounds. Like these above headphones, you also feel hot ears if you use it for a long time.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones

By the way, it creates anti-noise. Noise can be eliminated from noise-cancelling headphones. In fact, you are able to observe passengers on the airplane that often utilize these headphones in order to eliminate the noise of reaction motor in spite of not listening to music. It can say that noise-cancelling headphones will help you avoid hearing loss because you will only listen at the average volume even though it is produced with high audio. Nevertheless, its disadvantages are heavy and bulky. Due to using the battery, you can feel hot ears after utilizing for a long time.

  1. Wireless headphones

wireless headphones

With the smart technology, the design of the headphones has gradually become unique on the market. With wired headphones, you sometimes get tangled. On the contrary, you will not meet this case with wireless headphones. Of course, they will have the price more expensive than other types. These headphones are pretty heavy and bulky.


In summary, based on these above types of headphones, you can choose a suitable one for yourself. You are able to select the best earbuds. Depending on everyone’s needs, you will choose ear-buds in order to listen to music when you have your free time. Even, you enjoy travelling and often go the airplane which noise-cancelling headphones are a perfect choice.

Bad Effects of Wearing Headphones and How to Avoid

Along with the development of digital devices, headphones have become a must – have accessory to almost everyone for daily use. Although having many positive effects on our lives with prices within reach of anybody, there are still some fake and low quality products of headphone selling on market. In addition, using headphone all the time with high volume is another reason lead to hearing problems even you can purchase the best studio headphones.

best studio headphones

Wearing headphones too much, especially the one with cheap price and low quality can cause negative effects to your health mentally and physically, especially hearing ability of wearers. Using the headphone for hours continuously can lead to some severe problems of nerve cells inside the ears that cause reduced hearing ability even deaf. In this article, I will show you some problems while using headphones so that we can prevent and have a healthy use of this modern and familiar device.

Using the headphone for hours can change the operation of hearing cells inside the ears for the worse.

A research of WHO claimed that there are 7% of world population is suffering from deaf and it is similar in develop countries such as the USA, Canada, China… According to doctors and researchers, in the past, deaf just appeared at elder people after the age of 60. Now, the number is 30 to 40, including the reason of using headphones.

Why using headphones too much lead to hearing ability problems?

The inner ears of a human can’t stand too long for loud noise or sounds for a long time. According to doctors, there are more and more young people use the headphone continuously for hours and days. That is the main reason for the tiredness of excessive working of inner ears. Therefore when hearing other people say to them, they don’t even understand and in lack of the ability of analyzing the words and sentences. They suffer from bad sentence obtaining ability although the tests show that the hearing ability doesn’t change much.

Each person has about 16000 ear cells inside his or her inner ear, and up to 3000 cells out of 16000 allow hearing. The rest have the function of multiplying the sounds and selecting the frequency.

Lately, many people especially teenagers and young people have the habit of using the headphones (both in – ear and over – sized) to listen to music at least 2 hours a day with such high intensity that even people around them could hear the sounds from the headphones clearly! Some of them even have the tendency of listening to music the leave the music on while sleeping until the wake up. While sleeping, the brain needs absolute resting, but in fact while leaving the music like that, it’s no relaxation at all; it’s the torture to your brain system. This bad behavior could lead to a malfunction of the nerve cells that involve in hearing and analyzing sounds.

Unfortunately, when you realize, it’s too late…

Many people have some unwanted buzzing sounds or annoying felling inside their ears after listening to music or the problems when hearing others sound after removing the headphone out of their ears. This might be one of the most common symptoms of hearing damage because of excessive use to headphones for a long time with high volume. Depressingly, they often don’t even care about these and don’t go for a check immediately or just go for it when it’s too late.

“The symptom could recover within hours but it’s a warning of the worse if they’re not cured soon. Many young people listen to music have a feeling of their ears being blocked completely or some mental problems such as headaches, dizzy, etc. That could be one of the symptoms of severe sound damage posing a huge threat to the hearing ability.

According to doctors, the hearing ability of ears will decrease if contacting to sound with intensity of 85 to 90dB continuously for more than 2 hours on a daily basis and for 1 to 2 years. Most of the music devices have the maximum intensity up to 120dB causing many direct pressure to the nerve cells.

Some notices while using the headphones

using the headphones

  • Avoid turning the sound on too loud, keep in below 60% of maximum amount. If you can do this, there would be no damages to your ears as well as the nerve cells while listening to music.
  • Choose the headphones that compatible with your ears so that you don’t have to volume up because of noises. If you can’t afford for a headphone with good noise cancellation, you can boost the volume but be careful of the amount of time using it.
  • Use full – sized headphones if you don’t have to travel a lot. This type of headphone will keep you away from surrounding noise and make your sound more lively so that you don’t have to listen to music in such a high volume.

Show Your Style through Original Music Accessories

Hip-hop steps don’t just attract watcher through the modern beauty with “dusty” street style, broad – minded scorn, they also get people’s attention through music as well as the music accessories like no other.

Beside the ability to help you satisfy the love for music, these music accessories are also the equipment to show your own personality. You can find them anywhere because they are quite cheap and really popular in some local stores. For example, if you want music equipment for long trips, the best over the ear headphones under 100 from a local store would be the nice choices for you and your buddies. Or if you want something for outdoor party with dance or EDM music, you should try mini USB speakers as well.


  1. Young people and hi-tech sound gears

People often choose jewelry that are made from gold, silver or even diamond to make themselves shine and attractive, but in the world of hip – hop, the sound accessories are the jewelry that would be the addition spotlights for their original style. Sometimes you don’t need to mention too much about the freedom, the spirit of them when indulging in music and break dancing and how they show their world about their unique style through every move, every beat, and each bracelet on their hand or even the music gear they love.

Recently, wireless speakers with Bluetooth connection are in common to young people because of the convenience and mobility.  With compact and young designs, they can be easily combined with a backpack that you can carry with when going out, this smart sound device can follow you everywhere, from school to the places “just for two”, or even when you travel to unknown places. You will always be “connected” to your favorite and beloved songs and enjoy them everywhere at anytime.

  1. What should you know to choose a sound device?

The color is one of the most important factors that you must consider when purchasing a sound device for your own use and your own style. You can choose a mini speaker model that suits you with your favorite color. Moreover, the design is also elegant, active that can display the proper feeling and style of you.

headphones 2

Mentioning the mini USB speakers doesn’t mean you should forget about the headphones. Understanding the demand in show personality through music accessories, headphones are being developed by manufacturers through unique and interesting styles that can display the youth and refreshing, strong style of users.

Owning a speaker or a headphone is something undeniable with any young people that have the passion with music, especially with hip – hop boys and girls. Putting on those compact and convenient music accessories, even with a little street style not only take you to the best of music feeling but also a modern way to express your unique characteristic and your fashion. You are an active and young person, you like music and love hip – hop, let the modern music gears speak for you!

  1. Any suggestion?

Awake all your senses with the music devices from iSound with magical sound system. The set consists of speaker and headphone could guarantee the best sound for you even in the most crowded street. The sound will be regenerated fully and even better than it could sounds through any other devices in market. The bass line with the strength of a double speaker with the ability of sound regeneration that can help you have the best music experiences each time you plug iSound devices and enjoy your favorite music.

The products are designed mainly for young people with colorful theme but still elegant and gentle, suit the needs of modern life citizens. iSound helps the customers expose the music gout with full of original and unique style with the best sound experiences.

So if you want to be the one and only, be different from others, why don’t you try buying any music accessories? I bet you would find yourself lost in the world of music with the best feeling you can’t even imagine in your real life once you’ve found the best music gears for yourself. If you need any helps in choosing and purchasing the music gear, don’t be shy, forum members and audiophiles are the ones you should take advices from. Enjoy music, enjoy life!

The Record Player- An important Thing In Life

There has a well-known invention named Mp3 Player or Record Player which is the kind of device help play music using digital technology. Therefore, the device is not only able to perform many basic tasks of audio files to store, play and organize. It is extremely easy to find a high quality MP3 in various markets worldwide nowadays. So that the best record player user can use the device to store music file to 32 GB. A jukebox and a drive established attaching the record player are also used to create a various kinds of songs that a person like privately thanks to the over-250-GB-capacity. Today, people can enjoy their own CD’s or receive the other file from different source throughout the more and more convenience of the development rate of high technology, especially named a player using network of Wi-Fi.

How Innovated Record Player

Record Player

Presently, there are a lot of choices for users to buy a record player with many brands all over the world. Lots of companies make MP3 players and they also innovate this device more modern with enclosed features instead of listening to CD files. There is no doubt to say that people who using a record player can enjoy their songs thanks to Shuffle with a 128 MB storage and the genius quality providing. Besides, it is intelligent when many manufactures produce new record players servers enclosed purpose of displaying the lyrics of songs via a PLED screen. The Creative Muvo S200 with a storage capacity up to 1 GB can provide 17 hours using and voice record or FM Radio additionally.

As the development of the Apple iPod, there has an increase in the record player market. It can be sharply seen that the success leading to the growth in the MP3 user via internet and it is no doubt that more and more people like buying and using the best record player in the world now. The listening format’s focus is the result of audio players so that is the reason why the record player occurs and becomes successful.

At the consequence, the record player or the other name is MP3 Player are starting dominating people’s mind globally and it also leads to various high quality brands’ establishment hour by hour and day by day.

The record player is great device in:

  • Easy to bring
  • Cheap device
  • Have various features
  • Bring the best kind of relaxing ever time

The Reasonable Prices

Nonetheless, there are a moderately difference in prices at different websites. Although some websites provide a reasonable prices, the others recommend the cheaper one their focus on customers’ care. As the internet development, the trend in using online shopping is significant rise. Browsing various shopping websites brings customers has a numerous ways to looking for a best record player with a great deal and save money for sure. A real bargain record player is always available provided by many brands in no time at all. However, to find a best record player, all things people need to do is spend a little time on the websites bring their best price to purchase. Thus, they no longer have a luxury MP3 player on their own.

High Quality Products

There are many cheap record players made by well-known corporations in markets today, especially Philips, Samsung and Sony. These brand can easily found on a numerous websites on the internet with the best reasonable price. Furthermore, the prices are made as lowest as possible by the place these MP3 players bided, auction websites.

Nowadays, music plays an important part of human beings. There are a tons of music songs written by many artists worldwide. At the result of the development, the record player is an amazing invention and is a great source of enjoying music for people. The path of record players coming from is continuous and never stop in future.

Best Electric Pressure Cooker: Benefits and Buying Guide

An electric pressure cooker is a sealed device that usually uses electricity as the source of energy in the process of cooking food using water or some other cooking liquid, without permitting any liquids or air to escape below a set pressure point. Pressure cooking is a method that gets foods ready more quickly and saves energy more than other conventional cooking methods.

Why should you choose an electric pressure cooker?

  1. Utilizing this device can significantly reduce cooking time. Cooking by using this takes just 1/3 of times to prepare in comparison to presenting other cooking techniques. For instance, an entire chicken could be cooked within twenty minutes, and boiled taters can anticipate to serve in around 8 minutes.
  2. Food cooked by doing this is nicer, as a lot of flavours and nutrition are maintained. This will make some meals, especially veggies much more healthy, and much more appealing because the colour can also be maintained
  3. Less energy can be used, which can help to conserve money. As cooking occasions are reduced, the different options are a shorter period in the kitchen area and much more time doing another things you must do.
  4. Various kinds of cooking could be completed in this device. Technology-not only for steaming, braising, boiling, poaching and baking.
  5. Popular dishes made by doing this include sauces, veggies and meat. You will find many ways to use your device as you grow more knowledgeable by using it. Foods that take several hrs cooked within the oven, could be completed in minutes now.
  6. When selecting this device, the greater the temperature, the faster the meals will prepare. Based on your needs you may want to consider how big you’ll need.
  7. Cooking by doing this uses a smaller amount water than boiling, so that you can reduce the possibility of getting many hot pans around the stove previously. This is often especially helpful for those who have young children.
  8. Cooking utilizing a pressure helps you to kill more bacteria and infections, so that your food is going to be far better to eat.
  9. You may also make use of your device to sterilize baby bottles, meaning for those who have an infant, you don’t have to possess a separate costly steriliser. If you are a jam maker, or need to make your personal jam, you may also make use of your device to sterilise your jam jars too.
  10. Although there have been from time to time issues with this device once they first grew to become available, modern device tend to be safer and also have more valves to manage steam and also the temperature.

How to Use a Electric Pressure Cooker

Things to Keep in Mind When Selecting the Best Electric Pressure Cooker Fit Your Needs

  1. Size and Capacity Features

You need to be strict when choosing your ideal fit from the various types and models of electric pressure cookers. Get your preferred size right – remember that this is probably a lifetime investment. Normally, cookers come in the style of a saucepan that can easily be used to cook vegetables and other side dishes. In the event that the pot is to be used for a large family, then, large pot style cooker is the best option. Thus, when purchasing a best electric pressure cooker, you must be very careful to select the correct size.

There are pressure cookers that have the capacity to hold more than 40 quarts – but do you really need it all? Well, you should neither underestimate nor overestimate the size that you really need .From sauce pan styles (for vegetables and side dishes) to large stock cooker styles (for family meals), there is a host of sizes to choose from.

  1. Material used

Pressure cookers can be made of either Aluminum or stainless steel. Though less expensive, it’s advisable to avoid pots that are solely made of aluminum. This is in view of the fact that they are less durable than those made of steel. A lot of usage will end in the pot being deformed and damaged. Moreover, the aluminum used in built-in inserts can react with acidic ingredients which can cause food to have a different flavor than originally intended. Save up and make a life-time investment of a quality cooker by choosing the stainless steel models. However, steel is not a very good conductor of heat and a device made solely of stainless steel would have hot spots – areas that are hotter as compared to others. This means that food will take longer to cook. The best option would be to find a pressure cooker that has an aluminum-coated bottom. This way, you get to taste the best of both worlds.

Ceiling Fans – A Lovely Addition to Any type of Space

Ceiling fans include the last touch to practically any type of space in your home. Just what’s even more, by having a ceiling fan in your living room, dining-room or kitchen, you may be nicely surprised by the advantages you derive. Finally, ceiling fans are reasonably affordable as well as easy to mount: within as brief a time as a half-hour you could have beautifully developed ceiling fans set up in your house.

A ceiling fan in your living room gives the room a classy allure – one that merely shouts class and also design. Just what’s even more, you can efficiently handle the area temperature with your freshly set up appliance. Ceiling fans will kip down either a clockwise or a counterclockwise instructions relying on your specs. Rotating right, the fan is set to push hot air from the ceiling down right into the space and also can successfully assist you lessen home heating expenses. On the other hand, when set counterclockwise, the ceiling fan will efficiently help cool down the room as it attracts the air towards the ceiling faster.


Conversely, a fan that is as small will certainly have a reducing affect on your climate command and also in some cases it will give the ceiling fan the look of being “ingested up” by the space. Therefore, when acquiring ceiling fans you need to keep these factors to consider in thoughts; the larger the area the bigger the fan you will certainly call for and also vice versa. You can visit Lightning Ceiling Fans to find out more about buying ceiling fan factors.

For a ceiling fan to be efficient in any way, your ceiling needs to be no less than 8 to 9 feet high. Figuring that a ceiling fan can take up roughly a foot of room, this will leave your ceiling fan placed approximately 7 feet over the floor. Any lower than that as well as you run the risk of taller people having unpleasant experiences with your ceiling fan!

Ceiling fans are designed in a range of colours as well as additionally have a variety of cutter designs. You could acquire ceiling fans with black, white, or wood tinted blades as well as you could even get cutters with pastels or intense, joyful colours if you so select. The brighter tinted fans are perfect for children’s rooms and could offer as a distinctive device.

Soups, Puddings, Sauces

Process in Vita-Mix on High Speed, Forward until steaming hot

soups, sauces

Use the Vita-Mix 3600 to cook by friction while it blends or purees or thickens soups, sauces, puddings, gravies, etc. There are no hot spots, therefore no scorching or burning. Also there is no lumping or curdling or need to hand stir. The Vita-Mix actually boils foods, or can quickly break the cells and mingle soup flavors without boiling to preserve vitamins, yet produce soups that can taste as if cooked for hours. These recipes were developed for use in the Vita-Mix machine, but can be adapted to various kitchen appliances. Corn Soup
If contents tend to boil up through the Action Dome, remove a cupful at a time through the spigot as Vita-Mix runs and pour back into container through Action Dome. Continue to run until raw taste disappears (about 3 minutes). (Sample from spigot.)
Boil until celery is tender. Serves 5. (For low fat version of Lentil Soup, omit salt and butter and substitute fat-free broth for bouillon cube and water.) Swiss Cream of Celerey Soup Saute:

Process in Vita-Mix on High Speed, Forward to cook

Process on Low Speed, Forward, using Forward-Reverse Action several times just to mix thoroughly. Then knead. Use a rapid Tap-Release Action 6 times, punch down, loosen flour from corners and push to center. Repeat this process several times until most of the contents are mixed together. (This does not make a nice ball like the bread dough.) Knock dough onto lightly floured board and form into ball.
Place dough on waxed paper and divide dough in half. Roll each half to make a 12 inch square. Sprinkle with coarse salt; roll lightly with rolling pin to press in salt. Cut into 1 inch squares with knife or pizza cutter. Transfer to lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake in moderate oven at 350 [deg.] for 15 minutes, or until lightly brown. Cool on cookie sheet on wire rack. Store in loosely covered container. Makes 1/2 pound. Soup From Leftover Potatoes

Process in Vita-Mix on High Speed, Forward until steaming hot

Serves 5. (For low fat version of Hash Soup, substitute 1 cup fat-free broth for water and bouillon, omit salt and butter.) Quick Hot (Unboiled) Soup (Can be boiled, if you want.) Start with Vita-Mix half full of water, cold or hot or start with the Vita-Mix full of fresh tomatoes. Clamp on Action Dome. Process on High Speed, Forward to heat while you add one at a time (using Forward-Reverse after each addition, if you wish to hasten drawing vegetables into the soup):
When steam starts to rise from the Action Dome, you may serve through the pressurized spigot or let it run longer to boil and cook if you wish. (Always run on High Speed, Forward both to cook and to pressurize the spigot.) VARIATIONS:
Add any of the following as Vita-Mix runs: Leftover potatoes, cooked or canned peas, beans or other vegetables, slice whole wheat bread, etc. Chocolate Sauce

Process in Vita-Mix on High Speed, Forward to cook

Dispense, warm from spigot. Makes 1-3/4 to 2 cups. Good over ice cream, hot cereal, pancakes or waffles. Any left over can be stored in refrigerator and heated in the Vita-Mix to serve again. Pumpkin Pudding

Process in Vita-Mix on High Speed, Forward to cook

When custardy dispense through spigot into individual serving dishes and chill. Serve with whipped cream or whipped topping. (For low fat and low sugar version, substitute skim milk for whole milk, substitute 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg and 1/3 cup apple juice concentrate for pumpkin pie spice, sugars and molasses. Substitute 4 medium egg whites or 2 jumbo egg whites for 2 whole eggs. Custard Sauce
The old-fashioned soft custard grandma used to make in a double boiler. Use as a sauce over fruit, cake or other desserts.

Process in the Vita-Mix on High Speed, Forward to cook

Test through spigot to know when custard thickens. When custard coats a silver spoon, turn off switch to stop the cooking. Do not overcook. Serve warm from spigot. Vanilla Custard Pudding

Process in Vita-Mix on High Speed, Forward to cook

Immediately turn off and dip out, or dispense through spigot. Chill in custard cups or sherbet glasses. Serves 6. VARIATIONS:
Add 3 teaspoons cocoa; or a square of semi-sweet chocolate; or 1 cupful finely ground almonds; or a ripe, sweet banana into the Vita-Mix with first ingredients. Or fold in 1/2 cup shredded coconut when finished; or put sliced bananas in bottom of serving dishes before adding pudding.

Kitchen Design

Kitchen DesignThe kitchen has become the focal point of design and entertainment at the Newport Turtle in Newport Beach, California. Saga has decided to make the kitchen the stage. As Saga states in the Newport Turtle’s menu: We hope you’ll like what we’ve become: we are proud of our new place . We belive in showing off our kitchen, surrounded by an abundance of food, our charcoal broiler and our fresh pasta.

By showing off the kitchen to its clientele, Saga is acknowledging the growing culinary sophistication of its high-achiever, high-income customer base. Today’s upscale diners are more interested than their predecessors in seeing how food is prepared because they are more serious about the meals they prepare themselves. The visual and tactile elements of cooking–the flames of the broiler, the colors and textures of ingredients the aromas, and the interaction of the chefs, are all combined to heighten and enrich the dining experience. Today, the process is as enjoyable as the product to the sophisticated restaurant patron.

Saga Kitchen Design In Restaurant

At center stage: the kitchen, a state-of-the-art exhibition facility with a double mesquite-fired grill, pasta making equipment, pantry and saute stations, a bounty of native ingredients on view, and a stylish black-and-white-and-chrome new look.

  1. The original black-and-white tiled floor was retained in the remodeling.
  2. To the left of the kitchen, a food bar was added, flanked by blackboard-clad columns which promote featured specials. The food bar provides both the cocktail lounge and a small, private “quiet room” to the left of the entrance with oysters and clams, hot and cold appetizers, carved-to-order sandwiches, and other light fare. The quiet room, which invites conversational twosomes, doubles as a waiting area during busy periods.
  3. To the right of the kitchen is a brightly lit, glass-enclosed hexagonal kiosk from which a variety of specialty desserts are displayed and served. The dessert kiosk and the food bar surround and highlight the central display kitchen and food theatre.
    The new kitchen occupies space once allotted to the front line of a standard completely enclosed kitchen. A portion of the original kitchen now serves as a prep, storage, and dishwashing facility, located to the rear of the display kitchen and adjacent to the dining room.

Concealed from diners by the back wall of a service stand, the ordering and pickup window accommodates both pantry and saute items coming from those two stations at the rear of the new kitchen, and broiled items coming off the grill. An electronic cash register and counter for check preparation also occupy the service stand area.

During lunch and dinner, four people work the display kitchen: a grill man, pantry person, saute person, and chef Reinhard Dorfhuber, who functions as expeditor. The saute station also covers roast prime rib and rack of lamb, which are served in addition to the Newport Turtle’s grilled specialties, pasta dishes, sandwiches, and salads.

With Such Designs, The Following Are The Advantages Of The Kitchen Stations

  • Kitchen stations are placed in logical sequence: Adjacent to the receiving door are the walk-in refrigerators and the walk-in freezer, so foods can be temperature controlled immediately. Insulation for the walk-in lies under a brick platform so carts can be wheeled in and out, conserving time and energy. The manager’s office overlooks the receiving area, a logical location for control purposes, the potwashing station sits in a far corner of the kitchen, away from everything except the two stations that need to be near it: the food preparation area and the cooking battery.
  • The kitchen and hot serving lines are separated only by a wall with pass-thru cabinets in it: This way, small batches of recently prepared foods are kept hot and can be taken as needed by service workers.
  • A small kitchen poses no real problems for “Jericho,” as the cafeteria is called, because a substantial amount of preparation is done at the serving stations.
  • Behind the prepared salad station is a self-contained prep station. An ice machine, work table, sanitizing sink, and refrigerator permanently sit behind the serving space in case a worker needs them.
  • A nine-topping salad bar and soup station are self-serve only, which contributes to the non-labor-intensive nature of Jericho’s set-up.
  • Following sequentially in a semi-circle are the hot food counter, grill counter, ice cream counter, and sandwich counter. Final prep is done by the service workers, relieving the back-of-the-house of some work while enhancing a quality image.
  • Sandwiches are prepared to order, which eliminates work in the kitchen.
  • Fresh hamburgers are cooked to order at the grill station, and served on a local favorite, the Kaiser roll.

A major benefit of our set-up is that it would be easy for each station to be totally self-service

  • A two-sided beverage counter is centrally located. That’s the one station that is used by everyone, no matter what they eat, so it is easy to get at from either end.
  • The heater and soap dispenser are built into the equipment, so portions are consistently accurate.
  • Also attached to the dishwasher, near the place where the workers stand, if a faucet for handwashing. The convenience of this faucet helps assure that workers will wash their hands when necessary, as they won’t have to travel any distance to do so.


Menu Tv In Restaurant

The menus are displayed in two quality-enhancing forms. Two TV screens in the serving area flash daily messages and daily menu specials. But to alert the office workers about upcoming meals, white and red weekly printed menus are distributed. Each lists the standards such as grill items, sandwiches, salads, and desserts, in addition to the two hot entrees, one soup, and one special salad of the day. The menu rotates on a five-week cycle.

With vending services at night, the two main meal periods are breakfast and lunch, with about 700 lunches served daily. The employee customer base is predominantly suburban women who tend to eat lightly during the day. The office workers we serve seem to be mostly homeowners and young girls who live with their parents, who go home to a big dinner every night. This is a change from our customer base in our city offices, where many workers make lunch the big meal of the day. Workers are all white collar, 85 percent of them clerical workers. About 15 percent of lunch sales goes just to salads.

Additional menu items might be added when the weather gets warmer, as a courtyard adjacent to the dining area will likely become an outdoor dining area. Barbecued meats and a hot dog cart are being considered for outdoor service.
The hotel was designed to keep chefs skinny, jokes Norman Wade, executive chef. His humorous observation refers to the Westin’s “heavy vertical” emphasis which has resulted in a design awkward for the implementation of foodservice operations. It is a design which requires much shuttling between floors.

All of the hotel’s food and beverage support services (purchasing, shipping, receiving, storage, dishwashing, etc.) as well as the main kitchen and three satellite kitchens are located on different floors.
The Westin features informal dining at the 204-seat Brasserie; upscale dining at the popularly priced 250-seat Turner Fisheries Bar and Restaurant; and fine dining at Ten Huntington which seats 120 in addition to a private room for 12.
Food and beverage director Robert Niederhauser took a direct approach to the problem long before the Westin opened its doors last July. “We had no choice but to make the space work for us; the opportunity was there. So, the chef and I spent a great deal of time studying the blueprints

The dishwashing facilities can be found, along with housekeeping services, on the fourth floor

  • To facilitate fast movement, the majority of equipment is on wheels. All of these “vertical transport” pieces can be plugged in to keep the food warm–an important consideration when the food is being transported between floors. All of this movement makes timing–and well-maintained elevators–crucial.
  • The restaurant satellite kitchen located on the lobby level is nearly self-contained. Although only 40 percent of the kitchen’s space (4,055 sq. ft.) is used to prepare meals for Ten Huntington’s customers, the kitchen has no problem producing the 120 to 140 nightly covers.

Fresh food orders arrive daily at the loading dock, which is located on the street level. Once received, the food is carried by the freight elevators to the third floor. Here, most of the fresh produce is issued directly to each restaurant while canned goods and other products are stored for future use in either the pantry, pass-through coolers, or the double walk-in freezers that are located just outside the kitchen.

However, another striking example of the hotel’s awkward design is evident here. Although this restaurant is open for dinner only, its kitchen is responsible for guest room dining (room service) which is available 24 hours. Approximately 60 percent of the kitchen’s space is allocated to catering guest room dining.

And to complicate matters further, this area produces room service meals only between the hours of 6 a.m. and midnight. The “night owl” menu, available between midnight and 6 a.m., is produced by the satellite kitchen on the fifth floor. This kitchen is responsible for providing the hotel’s 1,000 employees with free meals in their dining room, the Cantina. As a result, the kitchen is open 24 hours to accommodate employees on rotating shifts.

Two complete service lines feed the counter, instead of one. One line opens for breakfast, both open for a busy lunch. The second line closes immediately after lunch.

The kitchen utilizes two standard, full-size broilers, two full-size fryers, two full-size drink stations, plus four full-size microwaves. Almost everything else is reduced in size.

Moving across the front of the kitchen behind the counter, the components in the drink station are normal sized. Next to that, adjacent to the main service line, is a full size holding station for burgers. But adjacent to the auxiliary service line, the custome-fabricated holding station is only about two-thirds the size of the main holding station.

The service lines extend back vertically from the holding station, just as in a typical Burger King. The computerized fryers are standard, but the “dump station” for fries is half the size of a typical dump station.

On the main service line, the broiler is full-size, but the work area where burgers are assembled and condiments are added is only half the size of a normal Buger King. Two standard microwaves are fixed above the condiment area.
Diab looks for basement space for storage and further conserves valuable square footage by giving the manager a stand-up office in the corner of the kitchen.

Cleaning System

A spray cleaning system allows for sanitizing the entire kitchen and surrounding areas. The system is used to spray down equipment and floors twice a day, once after lunch and again after dinner. Since nearly everything in the kitchen is stainless steel, all of it can be hosed down; first a soap cycle is used then a rinse.

During each shift there are five line cookes on duty, and one or tow expediting chefs; two hot prep men prepare stocks, soups, and Clyde’s famous chili. Two people in a downstairs prep area slice meat and prepare salads and cold items. Two dish washers work in the kitchen’s dishwashing area. And one person is stationed in a raw bar near the dining area, serving oysters and clams.


Kitchens have been designed to fit the particular establishment and to allow preparation of a varied menu. Restaurants, fast food operations, bank cafeterias, and hotels need kitchens with design elements that allow for efficient, versatile service