Bad Effects of Wearing Headphones and How to Avoid

Along with the development of digital devices, headphones have become a must – have accessory to almost everyone for daily use. Although having many positive effects on our lives with prices within reach of anybody, there are still some fake and low quality products of headphone selling on market. In addition, using headphone all the time with high volume is another reason lead to hearing problems even you can purchase the best studio headphones.

best studio headphones

Wearing headphones too much, especially the one with cheap price and low quality can cause negative effects to your health mentally and physically, especially hearing ability of wearers. Using the headphone for hours continuously can lead to some severe problems of nerve cells inside the ears that cause reduced hearing ability even deaf. In this article, I will show you some problems while using headphones so that we can prevent and have a healthy use of this modern and familiar device.

Using the headphone for hours can change the operation of hearing cells inside the ears for the worse.

A research of WHO claimed that there are 7% of world population is suffering from deaf and it is similar in develop countries such as the USA, Canada, China… According to doctors and researchers, in the past, deaf just appeared at elder people after the age of 60. Now, the number is 30 to 40, including the reason of using headphones.

Why using headphones too much lead to hearing ability problems?

The inner ears of a human can’t stand too long for loud noise or sounds for a long time. According to doctors, there are more and more young people use the headphone continuously for hours and days. That is the main reason for the tiredness of excessive working of inner ears. Therefore when hearing other people say to them, they don’t even understand and in lack of the ability of analyzing the words and sentences. They suffer from bad sentence obtaining ability although the tests show that the hearing ability doesn’t change much.

Each person has about 16000 ear cells inside his or her inner ear, and up to 3000 cells out of 16000 allow hearing. The rest have the function of multiplying the sounds and selecting the frequency.

Lately, many people especially teenagers and young people have the habit of using the headphones (both in – ear and over – sized) to listen to music at least 2 hours a day with such high intensity that even people around them could hear the sounds from the headphones clearly! Some of them even have the tendency of listening to music the leave the music on while sleeping until the wake up. While sleeping, the brain needs absolute resting, but in fact while leaving the music like that, it’s no relaxation at all; it’s the torture to your brain system. This bad behavior could lead to a malfunction of the nerve cells that involve in hearing and analyzing sounds.

Unfortunately, when you realize, it’s too late…

Many people have some unwanted buzzing sounds or annoying felling inside their ears after listening to music or the problems when hearing others sound after removing the headphone out of their ears. This might be one of the most common symptoms of hearing damage because of excessive use to headphones for a long time with high volume. Depressingly, they often don’t even care about these and don’t go for a check immediately or just go for it when it’s too late.

“The symptom could recover within hours but it’s a warning of the worse if they’re not cured soon. Many young people listen to music have a feeling of their ears being blocked completely or some mental problems such as headaches, dizzy, etc. That could be one of the symptoms of severe sound damage posing a huge threat to the hearing ability.

According to doctors, the hearing ability of ears will decrease if contacting to sound with intensity of 85 to 90dB continuously for more than 2 hours on a daily basis and for 1 to 2 years. Most of the music devices have the maximum intensity up to 120dB causing many direct pressure to the nerve cells.

Some notices while using the headphones

using the headphones

  • Avoid turning the sound on too loud, keep in below 60% of maximum amount. If you can do this, there would be no damages to your ears as well as the nerve cells while listening to music.
  • Choose the headphones that compatible with your ears so that you don’t have to volume up because of noises. If you can’t afford for a headphone with good noise cancellation, you can boost the volume but be careful of the amount of time using it.
  • Use full – sized headphones if you don’t have to travel a lot. This type of headphone will keep you away from surrounding noise and make your sound more lively so that you don’t have to listen to music in such a high volume.