Necessary Things to Remember Before Creating Your Vinyl Records Library

Today, the record player becomes very popular in our society. According to some people said that a turntable will help the human listen to the sweet sounds and create the comfortable feeling for listeners. Many record player reviews are very positive after they use this device. That is the reason why they can spend a lot of money to buy an expensive turntable although they only use to listen to music at home. In addition, they are also willing to buy many types of the vinyl records to increase your own records library. This is their hobby. However, there are some necessary things to remember before you want to create your vinyl record library. You can refer some good ideas in this writing.

Some good ideas to create your vinyl record library

  1. It Is A Good Idea to Buy Vinyl Record

Actually, there are many reasons you should invest to buy the vinyl record when comparing to CDs and MP3s.

  • Firstly, the material of the vinyl record player can be cleaned and maintained very well. Besides, you can use it for decades. You can have a limited edition for the famous albums which they were very popular and now these albums do not produce and sell on the market. But CDs and MP3 songs do not have the value as the vinyl record.
  • On the other hands, CDs do not create a lot of impressions as well as inspiration as the vinyl records.
  1. You Can Sell Them

In fact, many people are looking for a vinyl record which it was produced and become very famous in a historical period. If you have this vinyl record you can sell it. However, you should remember that you must copy this song into another vinyl. Moreover, you also must know how to store it in the right way. This will help your vinyl record can play well.

Beyond that, you also should invest some new sleeves for old vinyl records to avoid any damage to your vinyl record. Do not forget that the title of its sleeve, the design, and the construction also contribute to increasing the worth of each vinyl record. If you want to sell them in the future you should note this target, right.

  1. Choosing The Right Record Player for Listening Vinyl Record

Choosing the right record player for listening vinyl records

On the market, you can choose the record player with the belt driven or the direct drive. Depending on your reference, you can select the most appropriate one. With the audiophiles and sophisticated listeners, they like the belt drive turntables because they are less vibration and the outside noise. However, when you choose the belt drive turntable, you must accept that its mechanism is older than the direct drive version. Therefore, owning a record player also relates to collect your vinyl record library.

  1. Some Important Things When Buying Old Vinyl Record

I make sure that you want to look for a lot of types of vinyl record players for your collection. Some old vinyl records become very valuable with you because it has a limited quality. Before you want to have them you should note some things as follows:

  • You must consider that this old album can be produced in the same format;
  • Then, the quality which they are released in a limited quality or not;
  • After that, how much price for each album because of with the albums like this, they have a very high price.
  1. How to Clean And Store The Vinyl Records

You have a library of many vinyl records. It means you have a big budget so you must know how to clean and store all vinyl records properly. It is extremely important. Here are some basic tips for you:

How to Clean:

  • Preparing a soft brush and you only use it for cleaning your vinyl records;
  • Also, you must choose the good cleaning solution;
  • Moreover, you must have the habit combine this liquid with the soft brush frequently. You must clean the surface of the vinyl records gently after and before playing. When cleaning, all vinyl records will be removed dirt and dust. This will help you listen to the sweet sound from your record player.

How to Store All Vinyl Collection:

  • A dry and cool place is a right choice;
  • All vinyl records must be placed vertically;

In conclusion, creating a vinyl record library at your home is not simple. If you are not careful you can damage all vinyl records. Of course, at that time, your investment is failed. Based on some reviews of many people, I collect and give 5 most important criteria when you want to create the vinyl record library. I think that you will have the right basis if you have an idea to make a library for your vinyl records. In addition, I also hope that this article is really useful for your thinking about creating a vinyl record collection.

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The Different Styles of Headphones – The Buying Guide

Do you want to buy the best workout headphones in order to listen to music while doing exercise or just enjoy your life on your ways? Nowadays, on the market, there are plenty of manufacturers of headphones and available models so that you can select. Nevertheless, how do you choose the suitable headphones for your needs?

It can say that headphones are more and more popular when music appears everywhere – the computer, mobile phone, or MP3. The newest headphones have high resolution and directed sound to your ears. Of course, it does not cause harmful.

Would you like to own stereo headphones or fitting ear-buds? Do you need personality headphones? If you have tended to utilize earphones or headphones, your need will be the main factor in order that you have a right decision.

The Different Styles of Headphones – The Buying Guide

As the above mention, to select a pair of headphones, it is based on your style. Here is a variety of headphones style that you are able to consult:

  1. Ear-buds


A large number of people use ear-buds like the headphones so as to listen to music on a smart phone, MP3 player, iTouch, iPod or iPhone. This type of headphones has the tiny design which fits the ear canal. Therefore, even though it not only suits for travelling but also isolates from external noise, its price is pretty low. Nonetheless, this product does not provide the high-quality sound; even, if you utilize for a long time, you can feel uncomfortable. People enjoy both running and listening to music which is not necessarily the perfect choice because it is able to fall out.

  1. Clip on headphones or sport headphones

Nowadays, these headphones have a great number of types such as clip onto your ears, over the top of your head or around the back of your neck. Generally, that people enjoy running, exercising in the gym often select this type. You can comfortably act that needn’t worry it falling out. Since you do not need to put it in the ear canal, you will not feel not your ears. Even, you are able to be portable and purchase it with low price.

  1. Ear pad headphones

Different from, this type of headphones have the pads which cover your ears. Frequently, people enjoy utilizing ear pad headphones because of its comfort. In addition, it provides the sound with high-quality. Moreover, not only you do not feel overheat ears but also it has the affordable price. Nevertheless, the user can feel uncomfortable when utilizing for a long time.

  1. Entirely sealed headphones

Stereo headphones, ear cup headphones or cans are other names of this type of headphones. As a whole, these headphones cover your ears. Consequently, they help eliminate external noise. Besides, they also provide the high-quality sound. You ought to know that sealed headphones with the high-quality sound will provide a full of sounds. Like these above headphones, you also feel hot ears if you use it for a long time.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones

By the way, it creates anti-noise. Noise can be eliminated from noise-cancelling headphones. In fact, you are able to observe passengers on the airplane that often utilize these headphones in order to eliminate the noise of reaction motor in spite of not listening to music. It can say that noise-cancelling headphones will help you avoid hearing loss because you will only listen at the average volume even though it is produced with high audio. Nevertheless, its disadvantages are heavy and bulky. Due to using the battery, you can feel hot ears after utilizing for a long time.

  1. Wireless headphones

wireless headphones

With the smart technology, the design of the headphones has gradually become unique on the market. With wired headphones, you sometimes get tangled. On the contrary, you will not meet this case with wireless headphones. Of course, they will have the price more expensive than other types. These headphones are pretty heavy and bulky.


In summary, based on these above types of headphones, you can choose a suitable one for yourself. You are able to select the best earbuds. Depending on everyone’s needs, you will choose ear-buds in order to listen to music when you have your free time. Even, you enjoy travelling and often go the airplane which noise-cancelling headphones are a perfect choice.

Bad Effects of Wearing Headphones and How to Avoid

Along with the development of digital devices, headphones have become a must – have accessory to almost everyone for daily use. Although having many positive effects on our lives with prices within reach of anybody, there are still some fake and low quality products of headphone selling on market. In addition, using headphone all the time with high volume is another reason lead to hearing problems even you can purchase the best studio headphones.

best studio headphones

Wearing headphones too much, especially the one with cheap price and low quality can cause negative effects to your health mentally and physically, especially hearing ability of wearers. Using the headphone for hours continuously can lead to some severe problems of nerve cells inside the ears that cause reduced hearing ability even deaf. In this article, I will show you some problems while using headphones so that we can prevent and have a healthy use of this modern and familiar device.

Using the headphone for hours can change the operation of hearing cells inside the ears for the worse.

A research of WHO claimed that there are 7% of world population is suffering from deaf and it is similar in develop countries such as the USA, Canada, China… According to doctors and researchers, in the past, deaf just appeared at elder people after the age of 60. Now, the number is 30 to 40, including the reason of using headphones.

Why using headphones too much lead to hearing ability problems?

The inner ears of a human can’t stand too long for loud noise or sounds for a long time. According to doctors, there are more and more young people use the headphone continuously for hours and days. That is the main reason for the tiredness of excessive working of inner ears. Therefore when hearing other people say to them, they don’t even understand and in lack of the ability of analyzing the words and sentences. They suffer from bad sentence obtaining ability although the tests show that the hearing ability doesn’t change much.

Each person has about 16000 ear cells inside his or her inner ear, and up to 3000 cells out of 16000 allow hearing. The rest have the function of multiplying the sounds and selecting the frequency.

Lately, many people especially teenagers and young people have the habit of using the headphones (both in – ear and over – sized) to listen to music at least 2 hours a day with such high intensity that even people around them could hear the sounds from the headphones clearly! Some of them even have the tendency of listening to music the leave the music on while sleeping until the wake up. While sleeping, the brain needs absolute resting, but in fact while leaving the music like that, it’s no relaxation at all; it’s the torture to your brain system. This bad behavior could lead to a malfunction of the nerve cells that involve in hearing and analyzing sounds.

Unfortunately, when you realize, it’s too late…

Many people have some unwanted buzzing sounds or annoying felling inside their ears after listening to music or the problems when hearing others sound after removing the headphone out of their ears. This might be one of the most common symptoms of hearing damage because of excessive use to headphones for a long time with high volume. Depressingly, they often don’t even care about these and don’t go for a check immediately or just go for it when it’s too late.

“The symptom could recover within hours but it’s a warning of the worse if they’re not cured soon. Many young people listen to music have a feeling of their ears being blocked completely or some mental problems such as headaches, dizzy, etc. That could be one of the symptoms of severe sound damage posing a huge threat to the hearing ability.

According to doctors, the hearing ability of ears will decrease if contacting to sound with intensity of 85 to 90dB continuously for more than 2 hours on a daily basis and for 1 to 2 years. Most of the music devices have the maximum intensity up to 120dB causing many direct pressure to the nerve cells.

Some notices while using the headphones

using the headphones

  • Avoid turning the sound on too loud, keep in below 60% of maximum amount. If you can do this, there would be no damages to your ears as well as the nerve cells while listening to music.
  • Choose the headphones that compatible with your ears so that you don’t have to volume up because of noises. If you can’t afford for a headphone with good noise cancellation, you can boost the volume but be careful of the amount of time using it.
  • Use full – sized headphones if you don’t have to travel a lot. This type of headphone will keep you away from surrounding noise and make your sound more lively so that you don’t have to listen to music in such a high volume.

Show Your Style through Original Music Accessories

Hip-hop steps don’t just attract watcher through the modern beauty with “dusty” street style, broad – minded scorn, they also get people’s attention through music as well as the music accessories like no other.

Beside the ability to help you satisfy the love for music, these music accessories are also the equipment to show your own personality. You can find them anywhere because they are quite cheap and really popular in some local stores. For example, if you want music equipment for long trips, the best over the ear headphones under 100 from a local store would be the nice choices for you and your buddies. Or if you want something for outdoor party with dance or EDM music, you should try mini USB speakers as well.


  1. Young people and hi-tech sound gears

People often choose jewelry that are made from gold, silver or even diamond to make themselves shine and attractive, but in the world of hip – hop, the sound accessories are the jewelry that would be the addition spotlights for their original style. Sometimes you don’t need to mention too much about the freedom, the spirit of them when indulging in music and break dancing and how they show their world about their unique style through every move, every beat, and each bracelet on their hand or even the music gear they love.

Recently, wireless speakers with Bluetooth connection are in common to young people because of the convenience and mobility.  With compact and young designs, they can be easily combined with a backpack that you can carry with when going out, this smart sound device can follow you everywhere, from school to the places “just for two”, or even when you travel to unknown places. You will always be “connected” to your favorite and beloved songs and enjoy them everywhere at anytime.

  1. What should you know to choose a sound device?

The color is one of the most important factors that you must consider when purchasing a sound device for your own use and your own style. You can choose a mini speaker model that suits you with your favorite color. Moreover, the design is also elegant, active that can display the proper feeling and style of you.

headphones 2

Mentioning the mini USB speakers doesn’t mean you should forget about the headphones. Understanding the demand in show personality through music accessories, headphones are being developed by manufacturers through unique and interesting styles that can display the youth and refreshing, strong style of users.

Owning a speaker or a headphone is something undeniable with any young people that have the passion with music, especially with hip – hop boys and girls. Putting on those compact and convenient music accessories, even with a little street style not only take you to the best of music feeling but also a modern way to express your unique characteristic and your fashion. You are an active and young person, you like music and love hip – hop, let the modern music gears speak for you!

  1. Any suggestion?

Awake all your senses with the music devices from iSound with magical sound system. The set consists of speaker and headphone could guarantee the best sound for you even in the most crowded street. The sound will be regenerated fully and even better than it could sounds through any other devices in market. The bass line with the strength of a double speaker with the ability of sound regeneration that can help you have the best music experiences each time you plug iSound devices and enjoy your favorite music.

The products are designed mainly for young people with colorful theme but still elegant and gentle, suit the needs of modern life citizens. iSound helps the customers expose the music gout with full of original and unique style with the best sound experiences.

So if you want to be the one and only, be different from others, why don’t you try buying any music accessories? I bet you would find yourself lost in the world of music with the best feeling you can’t even imagine in your real life once you’ve found the best music gears for yourself. If you need any helps in choosing and purchasing the music gear, don’t be shy, forum members and audiophiles are the ones you should take advices from. Enjoy music, enjoy life!

The Record Player- An important Thing In Life

There has a well-known invention named Mp3 Player or Record Player which is the kind of device help play music using digital technology. Therefore, the device is not only able to perform many basic tasks of audio files to store, play and organize. It is extremely easy to find a high quality MP3 in various markets worldwide nowadays. So that the best record player user can use the device to store music file to 32 GB. A jukebox and a drive established attaching the record player are also used to create a various kinds of songs that a person like privately thanks to the over-250-GB-capacity. Today, people can enjoy their own CD’s or receive the other file from different source throughout the more and more convenience of the development rate of high technology, especially named a player using network of Wi-Fi.

How Innovated Record Player

Record Player

Presently, there are a lot of choices for users to buy a record player with many brands all over the world. Lots of companies make MP3 players and they also innovate this device more modern with enclosed features instead of listening to CD files. There is no doubt to say that people who using a record player can enjoy their songs thanks to Shuffle with a 128 MB storage and the genius quality providing. Besides, it is intelligent when many manufactures produce new record players servers enclosed purpose of displaying the lyrics of songs via a PLED screen. The Creative Muvo S200 with a storage capacity up to 1 GB can provide 17 hours using and voice record or FM Radio additionally.

As the development of the Apple iPod, there has an increase in the record player market. It can be sharply seen that the success leading to the growth in the MP3 user via internet and it is no doubt that more and more people like buying and using the best record player in the world now. The listening format’s focus is the result of audio players so that is the reason why the record player occurs and becomes successful.

At the consequence, the record player or the other name is MP3 Player are starting dominating people’s mind globally and it also leads to various high quality brands’ establishment hour by hour and day by day.

The record player is great device in:

  • Easy to bring
  • Cheap device
  • Have various features
  • Bring the best kind of relaxing ever time

The Reasonable Prices

Nonetheless, there are a moderately difference in prices at different websites. Although some websites provide a reasonable prices, the others recommend the cheaper one their focus on customers’ care. As the internet development, the trend in using online shopping is significant rise. Browsing various shopping websites brings customers has a numerous ways to looking for a best record player with a great deal and save money for sure. A real bargain record player is always available provided by many brands in no time at all. However, to find a best record player, all things people need to do is spend a little time on the websites bring their best price to purchase. Thus, they no longer have a luxury MP3 player on their own.

High Quality Products

There are many cheap record players made by well-known corporations in markets today, especially Philips, Samsung and Sony. These brand can easily found on a numerous websites on the internet with the best reasonable price. Furthermore, the prices are made as lowest as possible by the place these MP3 players bided, auction websites.

Nowadays, music plays an important part of human beings. There are a tons of music songs written by many artists worldwide. At the result of the development, the record player is an amazing invention and is a great source of enjoying music for people. The path of record players coming from is continuous and never stop in future.