How to Be an Expert in Using the Slow Cooker

People say that “Rome wasn’t built on one day”, that means everything takes time to be perfect. So does cooking. No one can be a cook for just few hours of practice. It’s the whole process with years of hands – on experience. At present, with the help of many kitchen tools, the difficulties of cooking are remarkably reduced. But you still need to make use of them regularly so as to make sure that you can be familiar with how it works and know how to control the tools. In this article, I will introduce to you a friend in the kitchen – the slow cooker. Nothing can compare to the best slow cooker in cooking and saving time at the same time. Although it’s very easy to cook with this product, you still have so much to learn to make use of it effectively.

slow cooker

  1. What is a slow cooker? What can it do?

Basically, the slow cooker is just like its brother – rice cooker in working principle. They cook the food based on the high temperature and pressure created by using the electricity emitted to the electric base plate. The food is cooked in high pressure both inside and outside.

The slow cooker can be described in some terms such as: easy and cheap, hand – free and healthy. You can easily be confused by hundreds types of slow cooker on the market, but a traditional one is fine. You don’t need too many addition functions that you might never have a chance to use. You just need something that have extra timing button, that’s all.

The preparation and cooking process of the slow cooker is very easy. You can search for them online of look for the heat and time instructions for each type of recipe in the manual book that comes along with the cooker. Another thing I want to mention is that you have to pay attention to the pot arrangement so that the food can be cooked evenly.

  1. Use the slow cooker:

This is one of the most simple kitchen appliances you can buy. It shortens the cooking time but still guarantee a colorful and happy meal for your family. But to achieve that, you have to learn from the basics so that you can learn from the smallest things and avoid many unfortunate accidents.

slow cooking

Preparing the ingredients and load them into the cooking pot. Notice the arrangements. Then press the buttons and wait to serve. After finish cooking, don’t forget to clean it up and dry it for the next uses.

  1. Some helpful tips and tricks in using the slow cooker:
  • You have to be sure about the temperature of the slow cooker. It depends on your situations and your time. If you don’t have too much time, just higher the heat for shorter cooking time. Helpful information that high mode of the cooker can reduce up to a half of the cooking time in comparison with the low settings, but it would take more energy that you thought.
  • The surface where the slow cooker is placed on must be hard and sturdy so that when cooking the components inside can withstand the pressure and the cooker can work properly. In addition, you can put the towel under the base of the cooker so that any types of liquid from the pot can be cleaned easily.
  • Dried herb is very valuable if you know how to use. It can change the color and add some special flavor to your cuisine. It’s an advantage in keeping flavors that can be compared with other types of kitchen appliances.
  • Don’t try to open the lid to check what’s going on inside. Honestly if you’ve already try to do that, it’s not safe firstly because of the heat surrounding the cooker when it’s heating up. Another reason that I want to mention is about the environment inside the cooker. The more you lift the lid up, the harder the cuisine can make it on time.
  • Remember to take the leftovers or the frozen products, heat up again and enjoy a quick meal with all your friends.