The Different Styles of Headphones – The Buying Guide

Do you want to buy the best workout headphones in order to listen to music while doing exercise or just enjoy your life on your ways? Nowadays, on the market, there are plenty of manufacturers of headphones and available models so that you can select. Nevertheless, how do you choose the suitable headphones for your needs?

It can say that headphones are more and more popular when music appears everywhere – the computer, mobile phone, or MP3. The newest headphones have high resolution and directed sound to your ears. Of course, it does not cause harmful.

Would you like to own stereo headphones or fitting ear-buds? Do you need personality headphones? If you have tended to utilize earphones or headphones, your need will be the main factor in order that you have a right decision.

The Different Styles of Headphones – The Buying Guide

As the above mention, to select a pair of headphones, it is based on your style. Here is a variety of headphones style that you are able to consult:

  1. Ear-buds


A large number of people use ear-buds like the headphones so as to listen to music on a smart phone, MP3 player, iTouch, iPod or iPhone. This type of headphones has the tiny design which fits the ear canal. Therefore, even though it not only suits for travelling but also isolates from external noise, its price is pretty low. Nonetheless, this product does not provide the high-quality sound; even, if you utilize for a long time, you can feel uncomfortable. People enjoy both running and listening to music which is not necessarily the perfect choice because it is able to fall out.

  1. Clip on headphones or sport headphones

Nowadays, these headphones have a great number of types such as clip onto your ears, over the top of your head or around the back of your neck. Generally, that people enjoy running, exercising in the gym often select this type. You can comfortably act that needn’t worry it falling out. Since you do not need to put it in the ear canal, you will not feel not your ears. Even, you are able to be portable and purchase it with low price.

  1. Ear pad headphones

Different from, this type of headphones have the pads which cover your ears. Frequently, people enjoy utilizing ear pad headphones because of its comfort. In addition, it provides the sound with high-quality. Moreover, not only you do not feel overheat ears but also it has the affordable price. Nevertheless, the user can feel uncomfortable when utilizing for a long time.

  1. Entirely sealed headphones

Stereo headphones, ear cup headphones or cans are other names of this type of headphones. As a whole, these headphones cover your ears. Consequently, they help eliminate external noise. Besides, they also provide the high-quality sound. You ought to know that sealed headphones with the high-quality sound will provide a full of sounds. Like these above headphones, you also feel hot ears if you use it for a long time.

  1. Noise-cancelling headphones

Noise-cancelling headphones

By the way, it creates anti-noise. Noise can be eliminated from noise-cancelling headphones. In fact, you are able to observe passengers on the airplane that often utilize these headphones in order to eliminate the noise of reaction motor in spite of not listening to music. It can say that noise-cancelling headphones will help you avoid hearing loss because you will only listen at the average volume even though it is produced with high audio. Nevertheless, its disadvantages are heavy and bulky. Due to using the battery, you can feel hot ears after utilizing for a long time.

  1. Wireless headphones

wireless headphones

With the smart technology, the design of the headphones has gradually become unique on the market. With wired headphones, you sometimes get tangled. On the contrary, you will not meet this case with wireless headphones. Of course, they will have the price more expensive than other types. These headphones are pretty heavy and bulky.


In summary, based on these above types of headphones, you can choose a suitable one for yourself. You are able to select the best earbuds. Depending on everyone’s needs, you will choose ear-buds in order to listen to music when you have your free time. Even, you enjoy travelling and often go the airplane which noise-cancelling headphones are a perfect choice.